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Welcome to the Spiral Dynamics Advanced Resources
When it Comes to Human Hurdles We Can Support You With Research, Tools, and Insights:
  • Understand events and dynamics in the world,
  • Better know yourself and align support to your needs,
  • Get to know others in deeper ways,
  • Improve your connections, relationships, and effectiveness,
  • Upleveling your leadership, managerial, parental, educational, analytical, and other people-centred skills,
  • Amping up your effectiveness as you work through human hurdles, people messes, and situations for better results, 
  • Teams improve their collaboration, build change resilience, become more innovative
  • Organizations more clearly understand their culture and what to do during change initiatives
  • Getting at the heart of social issues and knowing why some groups conflict and others cooperate (terrorism, politics, identity, and environmentosocial shapers of human behaviour, coping, conceptualizing, motivation, and thinking)   
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NVC Consulting is the owner, developer, curator, and source of Spiral Dynamics products, services, materials, and assessments. We bring you access to a broad and ever expanding range of resources for understanding and applying the models, tools, and insights under the Spiral Dynamics brand. From books, articles, insight papers, and analyses, you will find resources to help you see yourself, others, and the world through the eye and mind of the spiral. 
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We are pleased to  share some of the experience, data, tools, insights, and skills that we have gathered over decades immersed in consulting with organizations globally, researching solutions and approaches in a multinational context, conducting research in a wide range of areas, refining & developing programs, solutions, and tools using a psychosocial, developmental approach in our Spiral Dynamics programs and solutions.  
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